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Helene Olsen

July 4, 1957 - March 24, 2015

Dear Friends,

It is with deep sadness we share of Helene's passing. Helene Olsen passed away on March 24, 2015.
She died peacefully at home surrounded by her loving family. Helene was a pure instrument of love. Her profound connection to the angelic realm healed many hearts and soothed untold amounts of people on Earth.
Helene's depth of mediumship was renowned to readers and radio show listeners across North America and the globe.Her down-to-earth humor, her laugh, her passion for truth, and her immense wisdom of life on Earth and life beyond the veil will live in our hearts forever.

Helene's Family and Friends

I believe the power of the cosmic sun, the power of the Divine, the power of our own will lives in every persons soul. Harness it, connect to it and create miracles that you dream of living in this reality.

I wish you Every Blessing on your journey!

Much Love,

Every particicle of LOVE is returned 1 million fold to these Earth Angels who help me with my journey in grace, humility and selflessness. I thank you with LOVE and gratitude from the depth of my soul! Listed by first name in alphabetical order: Arthur O., Adeline F., Becky A., Bill L., Debra H., Dorothy A., Doug K., Doug G., Jacob O., Jay R, Jeff R., Jim P., John D. PhD., Joi T., Judy C., KaVeeta., Kelley K., Ki F., Lawrence F., Leanne R., Lorrie G., Louie Y MD., Nelson Z., Philip F., Patricia B., Patrick M., Rebecca S., Seth O., Sheryl H., Steve S., SuNieL., Tania G., Zack A

Today is December 12, 2014. I want to let everyone know that I am on hiatus for a few months to take care of serious health challenges. I will be sure to send occasional emails, but for now, my calender is closed for appointments. Please be sure to add your name to my subscribe list above for future events.

On November 8, 2015 Tania Gabrielle invited her dear friend, medium and psychic HELENE OLSEN from, to channel an Abundance message from the angelic realm for the members of her "2015 Money Making Formula". Helene brought through powerful Archangel Barachiel who shares a profound message of trust, empowerment and non-judgment.

Please note: This video is a segment from Tania's recent 5-hour online livestream seminar. At the start she is referencing previous material - the Wealth Letters for 2015 - and making a connection to Helene Olsen's initials.

May Helene's beautiful Angel transmission awaken your incredible inner resources!

Meet Helene

A multi-dimensional Psychic Medium who channels the voice and energy of Divine Realms. A Reiki Master and licensed reader in Salem Massachusetts, she connects clients to the vibration of the Angelic Realm, channels Spiritual guidance and connects you to departed loved ones & your guides and Angels. As an open channel she connects to the frequency of nature Spirits and interdimensional beings who wish to help humanity. Angels and Divine others have taught her to clear negative and unwanted energy that sometimes interferes with people and places. One of her greatest gifts is bringing joy and clarity in harmony with the seeker's true intention. Read about her unique journey here. You can find Helene on many media spots, including Rense Radio, Late Night in the Midlands and Godlike Productions and Coast To Coast AM. She is also a featured commentator in Dr. John DeSalvo's book, "Power Crystals". Click here to learn more!


"It’s like we opened a pipeline where I had stuffed all my efforts for the past 8 months and now the universe was responding with a major explosion of opportunity." - S.C., MA
"Helene that was So Amazing !! The Angels and Beings of light were in full form . I'm glad I was there to share the experience !! Mother Mary pulled so much emotion through me . . . " R.S., TX
"Boy, that was incredible!! There's no doubt that Becky is 'healed'. Hopefully, she'll be back on the show in a few weeks, if not sooner. As for myself and my loved ones, I believe we also have been taken care of. I felt a sudden warmth in one of the areas of my body that I was concerned with. I felt some itching on my face and got a bit emotional (for a moment) when Mother Mary spoke . . . " S.S. , Ecuador
"Very excellent Prayer Circle last night, could feel the energy very strongly." - P.B, WA

" Helene is one of the best psychic mediums I have ever known and work with . . . . "

- Author, Dr. John DeSalvo