Angels Light House


Dr. John DeSalvo, Author of 8 books, Professor (retired), Director of Giza Pyramid Research Assn:

"Helene is one of the best psychics and mediums . . . ."
"For over 30 years I have been studying and researching the paranormal and psychic phenomena. I have been involved with many psychics and trance-mediums in my research, and for personal advice. Helene is one of the best psychics and mediums I have ever known and worked with. She has one of the highest percentages of hits and she deals in specifics, not in generalities like most psychics. Once she described one of my very rare and ancient relics to an exact description without ever seeing it. Her most unusual gift is her ability to communicate with the angelic realm. I work with Enochian magic and the messages she relayed to me were authentic because they were consistent with the messages that I have received myself. Helene's phone readings are as accurate as any "in person" reading could be. Helene is a warm, kind and trustworthy person. I would recommend her as one of the best mediums, if not the best. I continue to consult with her for both my personal and professional research."

Shannon Hurst Lane, Media Personality, Travel Writer, Book Link:"The Definitive Guide to Travel Writing"

"Helene was spot on in her phone readings and very confidential with information. She accurately identified the sources of turmoil in my life to assist me in finding happiness again. She helped me find my center and rediscover creativity while I learned a deeper appreciation for the universe around me."

N.R.Salem MA

"If you have a true desire and commitment to expand your abilities, intuition and potential, I highly recommend Helene and her 'Psychic Bootcamp'. Helene will nurture and guide you as you grow in your abilities. She willingly shares useful knowledge, not only in regard to connecting with the divine, but on the business end of things. Helene is an amazing person, her energy is abundant and she truly cares, about what she teaches, and who she teaches."

Kurt R. Atlanta GA

"I enjoyed our session immensely. You are very good at your job. My body picked up on your presence when you were remote viewing the bedroom. Thank you for your insights they were much appreciated. It was great to be part of magic and wonder again."

Toni C. East Greenwich RI

"Extraordinary! This course was an amazing catalyst for deepening and increasing my spiritual oneness with God, his/her messengers of the light, and my higher self. Helene is not only an exceptionally gifted medium, but a loving, creative, and supportive teacher. Her methods used for guiding meditations are easy to follow, yet extremely powerful in helping you to access the higher realms. Helene's discussions on metaphysical studies and spirituality were both uplifting and inspirational! The methods taught by Helene have greatly enhanced my meditation experience and practice. I highly recommend her classes to anyone desiring to, "POWER UP" their spiritual progress!"

Anna D. Palm Springs CA

"Dearest Seekers and searchers, those of you who are seeking true and authentic guidance, Helene is the angel who can help you with that. She did it for me. She was able to unlock many of the hidden questions I had about loved ones here and in heaven.......her energy is clean and authentic......lots of love for you with her."


(Love Workshop:) Helene brought clarity to certain relationship interactions that I had doubted or felt conflicted about and released the pain and suffering that enveloped them. She uncovered “my truth” and my “heart’s desire” and encouraged me to face and recognize both; in that moment of absolute precision, my perspective shifted and I have never looked back. Three months on and I am still feeling the benefit of her guidance, her truth, her kindness and compassion. Helene, I am truly grateful for the strength and guidance that you have shown me – it has been a remarkable experience. I want to thank you for all that you do; you are a little bit of heaven here on earth and we are very fortunate to have you in our community.